onsdag den 12. juni 2013

Artdump and Dispater

So, I did a few piece in my downtime, and finally got to work on Dispater. First the random doodles:

The first is "The Bloody George, slayer of characters" inspired by recent television events. The other is the result of me deciding that my portfolio needed a new "Character without a background" example.

Anyway, Dispater.

 He was kinda difficult to get a hold of, but I think I finally doodled a design for him that I like. We'll see :P I ended up giving him the Ragnar Lothbrok hairdo, because why the hell not :D

His description is as follows:
This dark-haired figure stands just over seven feet tall(2.1 meters). He could pass for human if it weren’t for the small horns protruding from his brow and his glowing red eyes. Dressed in regal finery, he carries a long rod capped with a macelike head.

The concept of the piece I'm doing is him using his touch of rust to off a paladin.

It'll still be a while before I'm not quite busy with commission work, at which point I imagine I can post more stuff here (most of what I do right now is for an RPG thing, and I rather think the client wouldn't want me to post it to the intermanets ;) )

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